Yup is a software company that provides tools and services for remote math tutoring. My team and I create and maintain a collection of web applications that serve thousands of students and tutors from around the world daily.

My primary responsibilities at Yup are improving our software architecture on the web, creating coding and testing guidelines and supporting our transition to a microservice oriented infrastructure on the backend.

Side Projects

I routinely embark on new side projects to explore different technologies and opportunities outside of my employment.


Frontstand is a headless publishing platform designed for writers. It provides a distraction-free markdown text editor and seamless integration to static website generators. I created Frontstand to manage the content for this website.


Chip-8 is an interpreted programming language used on microcomputers in the mid-1970s. It was made to make building and running video games easier on these machines. I created a Chip-8 emulator that runs on the web to experiment with WebAssembly.