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Mistakes developers make using JavaScript Promises

Promises were introduced in ES6 to improve the way we handle asynchronous tasks in JavaScript. A promise is simply an object that serves as a placeholder for an asynchronous result but its implementation helps us solve three problems we experienced using simple callbacks: Difficult error handling: Since asynchronous callbacks are not being executed in the same…view article

It’s not a bug, it’s a puzzle

When I was learning how to code I got stuck all the time. I didn’t know why I was stuck but getting unstuck was a lot of fun. I would retrace my steps and investigate every line of code that may have caused my program to crash. It was like trying to solve a puzzle….view article

Working on several projects at once

Life is short. We all heard this saying when we were kids and didn’t think twice about it, but I think I understand the true meaning of it as I get older. For one, I will never get to build all the things I want to build because ideas are infinite and my time isn’t. So…view article

Every entrepreneur should start blogging

This story was originally published on Fast Company 27th August 2015 If you’re an entrepreneur—or an aspiring one—you may think blogging is the last thing you’ve got time for. And you might be right. After all, there’s no immediate business value to be drawn from writing regularly, and it takes away the time you might…view article

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